You’ve Got Mail: D&D Engages Customers With Digital Marketing

Blog You've Got Mail D&D Engages Customers With Digital Marketing

Below is a recap of an article published by Apparel Magazine last week highlighting D&D’s success with Celerant’s digital marketing solution.

D&D Texas Outfitters, a family-owned western wear store, increased email conversions and website traffic. In January 2017, Celerant introduced an email marketing automation software, and Craig Walton, D&D’s E-Commerce Manager, jumped at the chance to use it to improve the company’s marketing efforts. Previously, D&D sent general email blasts to its entire list at once, using the “spray and pray” approach that too often alienates customers. With Celerant’s integrated email marketing software, D&D was able to easily send personalized emails based on customers’ purchase history and interests. The integration of the email marketing solution and the CRM makes the possibilities for this sort of granular promotion almost infinite. “Having a living, breathing, dynamic (email) list is very important,” Walton said.


  • Cart Abandonment – Remind customers with products left in cart.
  • Encourage Online Reviews – 14-day post-purchase follow up asking for online review to increase buyer confidence/SEO.
  • Thank You Email – Includes future coupon for additional purchases.
  • Welcome Email – Builds loyalty right from the start.


Results:  Open rate is now 38% (from 8%); click-though rate is now 14%


After only a few weeks, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) project started to show results in terms of increased traffic and other metrics; the next stage will involve keyword research, social media and other more complex changes. Although SEO doesn’t require specialized software, it requires extensive tweaking of the E-Commerce site. So working with Celerant, which is responsible for maintaining the site, is an efficient approach.

Wilton explains, “SEO has a huge impact in earning new customers; then I can continue with email or re-marketing to communicate with them at a personal and relevant level.”

Read the entire article here


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