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  • The Evolution of Shoe Gallery's E-Commerce

    Celerant's customized, integrated E-Commerce platform propels Shoe Gallery's growth into a national brand.
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  • Retailers Look to Reign in Payment Data Security Weaknesses

    Following recent events more and more retailers look towards tokenization to secure payment data.
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  • POS Security For The Small-To-Midsized Retailer

    Under renewed scrutiny in the wake of high-profile POS data breaches, small-to-midsized retailers are wise to start taking transaction security seriously. Read this white paper, written by Celerant Technology’s CEO Ian Goldman.
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  • Tis’ The Season To Prep Your Site For The Holidays

    In 2013, retailers witnessed a major shift during the winter holiday season toward E-Commerce sales.
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  • Buffalo Exchange Customizes POS To Support Buy/Sell Retail

    Buffalo Exchange modernizes buy, trade and sales operations with Celerant Command Retail.
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  • Mobile channel opens POS possibilities for retailers

    Met Opera Shop uses mobile POS to achieve a high level of inventory visibility.
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  • Small Retailers benefit from all-in-one retail management systems

    Smaller retail operations benefit from implementing the all-in-one, real time Comannd Retail system.
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  • Why You Need Seamless Integration Through Each Retail Channel

    The importance of integrating all retail channels and the implications for retail businesses.
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  • Editorial: Seamless Integration Closes The Fulfillment Gap

    In store fullfillment helps retailers meet customers ever changing expectations through implementation of omni-channel retail software.
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  • Tennis Express Leverages Integrated Software to Grow Sales

    Tennis Express provides a seamless shopping experience across all channels with Command Retail Point of Sale
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December 18, 2014
Chinese Laundry’s Path To Omni-Channel Commerce
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January 22, 2015
Retail Management Integration Drives Customer Experience Success
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January 22, 2015
Inventory Management Helps Chinese Laundry Put Its Best Foot Forward
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Press Releases
December 9, 2014
Celerant Technology Earns High Marks On RIS Leaderboard for 11th Year Running
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January 7, 2015
Chinese Laundry Partners for Seamless Retail Integration Across Stores, Mobile and Web
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January 19, 2015
Stratus Retail Powers Enhanced Services Offered by Innovative Outdoor Retailer Frontier Justice
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Awards & Recognition

  • Leaderboard 2014

    Celerant is recognized as the #2 Overall Retail Software in 2014!

  • Leaderboard 2013

    Celerant Technology is a Top  Retail Software Vendor for the 10th Year in a Row!

  • List of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America

    Celerant Technology Included on Inc. 5000 List for the SeventhYear in a Row

  • Facebook 5000 Likes

    Thank you Everyone for the 5000 Facebook Likes!

  • Leader Board 2012

    Celerant Technology is a Top Mid-Size Retail Software Vendor for the 6th Year in a Row!

  • CPA Retail Software Review

    Celerant Technology Receives 5 Stars Across the Board for Retail/POS Software Review

  • List of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America

    Celerant Technology Included on Inc. 5000 List for the Fourth Year in a Row

  • Leader Board 2011

    Celerant Technology Ranks #1 MidSize Software Vendor, Again!

  • Leader Board 2010

    Celerant Ranked Top Five Retail Software for 4th Year in a Row

  • Leaderboard 2009

    Celerant Technology Ranks within Top 5 Retail Software for 3rd Year in a Row

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Multi-Channel Retail in ONE System

Celerant Technology Partners With CAM Commerce

Through Celerant Technology Corp.’s recent acquisition of CAM Commerce Solutions, we now bring more than 30 years of experience developing, marketing, installing, and servicing highly integrated multichannel solutions for retailers.

Together, as a new and stronger team, we will be able to better support CAM’s larger volume customers while advancing the technology of the current CAM product suite. The acquisition of CAM Commerce enables Celerant to expand our presence into new vertical markets and to experience a significant level of growth as a company.

Celerant Technology introduces Celerant Command Retail, a real-time software solution that manages all areas of a retail organization in one, single, integrated system. Our complete retail management system integrates retailer's point of sale, inventory management, warehouse, distribution center, allocation, e-commerce, datamining, advanced reporting and more!

Celerant Technology Point of Sale, POS, retail software is written in Java and manages multiple store locations in real time; eliminating the need to poll between stores. Command Retail is the most advanced tool available to retailers who need to maintain precisely managed operations at the store level through customer satisfaction, employee management, and tight inventory control.
Celerant's custom, sophisticated websites expertly manage and market inventory, directly from
your Command Retail system, eliminating the need to re-enter data, including product descriptions, customer information and online orders.

Celerant's flexible catalog/mail order module, also built within the system, allows you offer multiple catalogs simultaneously and track the different codes, along with varying price levels. Our advantage is the flexibility of our Java platform and the tight integration, allowing retailers to manage all channels of their business with one, scalable, real-time system.