Celerant’s 1st Annual Cumulus Client Conference Recap: Moving The Firearms Retail Industry Forward

Dealers discovered the latest in retail technology and digital commerce to end the year strong, and prepare to be more competitive next year, and beyond

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Staten Island, NY (November 09, 2021) – Last week, FFL dealers from around the country attended CumulusClientCon21, the 1st annual Cumulus Retail Client Conference hosted by Celerant Technology– a leading provider of retail software for the firearms industry. The theme of CumulusClientCon21 was “Post Pandemic Success,” which focused on technology and strategies to help dealers pivot and emerge stronger than ever before.

The 2-day virtual event offered more than 20 technical sessions, workshops and keynote speakers on topics ranging from new in store technology, range management, ATF compliance, digital commerce, and distributor integrations; and featured Celerant’s partners, including the NSSF, FastBound, Gun StoreMaster, Fortis, and many top firearm distributors.

“It was a pleasure for the NSSF and its Project ChildSafe program to participate in the Cumulus Client Conference. Our new partnership with Celerant and dealers make customer donations in support of the Project ChildSafe gun safety program possible. Thank you Celerant!

Bill Brassard



Selling more products in store and online with less effort with distributor integrations
At the conference, Celerant introduced new firearm distributor integrations, and showed dealers how to take advantage of everything their distributors have to offer. Sportsman’s Supply, 2nd Amendment Wholesale, Chattanooga Shooting Supply, Camfour and Gun Accessory Supply are some of Celerant’s existing distributors that participated in sessions. Dealers learned how to save time by automating order replenishment processes; launch an eCommerce website faster with quicker access to products via online feeds; capture more sales in store by displaying their distributors’ available inventory via kiosks; and drop ship orders, including firearms, directly to customers or local FFLs. Dealers also learned how to setup an ‘endless aisle’ to be prepared for when inventory supply returns to normal, and be more competitive moving forward.

“I really enjoyed the flexibility of the different sessions and tracks offered at the conference. It had a firearms exclusive track, which had lots of valuable information of current available add-ons and lots of information on new features and how to improve your back office and how to run things in your gun shop more efficiently- which is always a plus!”


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Supporting NSSF’s Project ChildSafe through the Cumulus Retail software
The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) attended Celerant’s conference to provide a sneak peek of the new partnership with Celerant and Project ChildSafe, a program designed to promote firearms safety and education. Celerant demonstrated how dealers can now easily participate in Project ChildSafe through their Cumulus Retail software, both in store and online.

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Streamlining ATF compliance at the point of sale
Celerant offered sessions dedicated to streamlining ATF compliance through digital bound books and e4473s. In these sessions, dealers got a first-hand look at Cumulus Retail’s internal A&D book; and integrations with FastBound, which is backed by FFLGuard for ATF compliance, and Gun StoreMaster. Celerant demonstrated how to process e4473s at the point of sale, update the bound book as inventory is received/sold within Cumulus Retail, backup A&D/e4473’s, and run reports to prepare for ATF audits.

Improving the range experience with new features, and text message lane alerts
Celerant also introduced new enhancements to the range management, and discussed lane scheduling, training courses/classes, memberships, recurring billing, club ID card printing, and more. Dealers also learned about the new automated SMS text messaging from the Cumulus point of sale, where dealers can send alerts to their customers, such as lane reminders, exceeded allotted time, and other triggers defined in the software.

“As the firearm retail industry shifted, it became important for our dealers to be agile and stay ahead of the competition. To ensure our dealers have the technology they need to strengthen their gun shop and online business, Celerant implemented many new features and integrated with many new industry partners this past year- all of which were introduced at the conference. After hosting a client conference for our Stratus Enterprise dealers for over 15 years, it only seemed natural to bring that same benefit to our Cumulus dealers. We thank everyone involved for making this year’s virtual conference a success, and look forward to continuing again next year.”

Michele Salerno


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For more information about Cumulus Retail, visit www.celerant.com/firearms-promo.


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