Celerant Partners with Gun Accessory Supply Enabling Dealers to Sell More Accessories In Store and Online with Less Effort

FFL dealers can import products, auto order, and offer an endless aisle with drop shipping via Celerant’s in store kiosks and eCommerce

Staten Island, NY (August 11, 2021) – Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail solutions for the firearms industry, today announces a new distributor integration with Gun Accessory Supply. Through the integration, dealers can expand their product line with thousands of firearm accessories ranging from optics, magazines, ammo, cases, safety, outdoor equipment, knives, apparel, and much more. Dealers can import product data and automatically reorder inventory with Celerant’s point of sale; and offer an endless supply of merchandise with drop shipping services directly on Celerant’s in store kiosks and integrated eCommerce platform.

Celerant integrates with Gun Accessory Supply

Learn more about Celerant's integration with GAS:

“Gun Accessory Supply has partnered with Celerant Technology, and now, through our integration, offers the convenience of a modern retail software built for firearms to all our dealers. Integrating with the backend of a dealership through Celerant’s point of sale provides time for dealers to focus on their customers and products, ensuring successful transactions and keeping pace with industry demands. We believe our partnership gives our dealers a technological advantage to stay profitable and competitive in the growing market.”

Rebecca Day

Executive Director of Gun Accessory Supply

Gun Accessory Supply- logo

Importing products and reordering inventory
Gun Accessory Supply carries products from over 200 brands, including: American Tactical, Beretta, Bob Allen, Browning, Sellier & Bellot, Federal, and Magtech, Crosman, DAC Technologies, G.P.S., Gun Vault, Holosun, Leupold, Trjicon, Hoppe’s, MAG-Lite, MAKO, RUGER, SureFire, Nine-line, and Walker’s. Dealers can access Gun Accessory’s catalog directly from Celerant’s point of sale, and import the products they want to sell. Dealers can also create and send digital purchase orders to Gun Accessory Supply; and automate the reordering process based on min/max levels set within the retail software. This makes it easy to maintain accurate and current product data, and keep shelves stocked- without manual entry, data errors or overstock- all within a single system.

Selling more products in store and online with less effort
Gun Accessory Supply offers its dealers ‘online data feeds’ consisting of all the products they currently have in stock. Celerant’s in store kiosks and eCommerce platform can pull these product data feeds, displaying the latest products with images, descriptions, available stock levels, and prices mapped from the retail software back end. Dealers can fulfill orders placed online or in store, through the kiosk or point of sale, with their own physical inventory; or have Gun Accessory Supply drop ship orders directly to their customer, or delivered to the store for customer pickup. This allows dealers to quickly launch a website complete with products and images; and sell more products online and in store with less effort, and in many cases, without even stocking the merchandise.

“With firearm sales increasing, dealers now have an opportunity to sell even more accessories to boost revenue. Partnering with Gun Accessory Supply not only provides our dealers with a distributor focused solely on accessories, it allows them to streamline and automate inventory supply, product data for endless aisles, and fulfillment processes- enabling them to be more competitive, support their customers’ needs more efficiently, and increase profit.”

IAN Goldman

President & ceo, CELERANT

Ian Goldman Celerant Technology

Learn more about Celerant’s FFL retail software and integration to Gun Accessory Supply.


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