Celerant Launches Smart Search and Ultra-Fast Filtering for eCommerce Firearm Products

Query unlimited products/images- from all major distributors with online feeds and dealer’s inventory- by brand, caliber, price, keyword and more

Staten Island, NY (June 28, 2021) – Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail solutions for the firearms industry, today announced a new product search-and-filter for Cumulus eCommerce. This game-changing feature allows dealers to improve the online shopping experience by offering the ability to easily search and filter through all the products they carry, and view product results with images, instantly. With optimized loading, caching, category and keyword filtering, product suggestions and more- small-to-mid sized dealers have access to more enterprise-level functionality to increase online conversions.

Smart Search and Filter for eCommerce Firearm Products

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Celerant’s new search and filter is a real game-changer for us. Not only does our site connect directly with all our distributors, products are displayed faster than ever before. It’s been on our site for just a few weeks, and has already helped our customers more easily find what they want, and check-out much faster!"

- Greg Allen, Owner at American Sportsman LLC.

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Searching for products
To begin shopping, customers can select a category in the main menu, such as handguns, rifles, ammo, knives and accessories; or look up products in the main search box, which provides suggestions for any misspelled words. The results consist of all the products the dealer offers, along with product descriptions, images and prices. Dealers can offer virtually an ‘endless aisle’ of merchandise by pulling their distributors’ online data feeds; and by displaying their own inventory through an integration to Cumulus Retail point of sale. Cumulus integrates with all major distributors, including: Sports South, Lipsey’s, Zanders, RJR Group, Davidson’s, 2nd Amendment Wholesale, Big Rock Sports, Rothco, Liberty Mountain and many others. Using the ‘pre-built web department types’ for firearm dealers, products are automatically categorized and accessible in the main navigation.

Filtering product results
To narrow the results, consumers can quickly and easily filter by brand, caliber, price range and other attributes; filter by keyword; and choose to view products only in stock. Consumers can also sort the results by price or product name; and select the number of items to view at once. With coding optimizations and server enhancements, product results are updated instantly, even if the results contain over a thousand products and images. This allows customers to search and filter through all the products a dealer offers online, and find what they are looking for much faster.

American Sportsman Cumulus eCommerce site

Visit one of our clients' websites to try it out- www.wesellgunsforless.com

Our new smart search and product filtering is a real game-changer for our dealers. The more products a dealer can offer online, and the faster we make our websites, the more competitive and successful our dealers will be; and the new filter and search provides just that. It allows customers to find products in speeds not even seen on many, if not most, enterprise eCommerce sites.”

- Zeke Hamdani, Director of Web Services of Celerant Technology

Zeke Hamdani

Download brochure to see a list of distributor integrations, and learn more about Cumulus eCommerce at: www.celerant.com/filter-promo-ffl.

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