Flexible Point of Sale for Goodwill Stores & Donated Goods Retail

Modern retail software designed for Goodwill, offering robust features which can be customized to meet the needs of your donated goods retail business. With a fast, intuitive DGR POS system, a deep set of customer relationship tools, and configurable production and donation management and analytics software - Celerant is a single technology partner for all your donated goods retail needs.

Celerant understands that not all Goodwill stores operate the same way. That is why Celerant offers a flexible retail solution, enabling Goodwill stores to customize the system based on how they run their business. With ONE retail system, and ONE technology partner, Goodwill stores can process sales faster, even if offline, and have powerful donation management software; all while reducing loss prevention, and improving the overall performance of producers and the production process.

Goodwill Point of Sale

Why is Celerant different from other donated goods retail (DGR) POS software?

Modern Solution

Celerant’s Goodwill point of sale software is a modern solution, offering technology based on your current and evolving needs. Features such as contactless payments and a curbside pickup app help Goodwill stores better serve their local communities.

Customizable Features

Considering each Goodwill business runs their business differently, Celerant offers a retail platform that can be easily modified to meet your needs. Modifications can be made to the system in a short time-frame and cost-effectively.

Scalable Platform

The Celerant platform can support your entire business now, and as you grow. Whether you have 5 stores or 150+ stores, Celerant can be your long-term technology partner, supporting your current volume and future growth.

Comprehensive Tools

Celerant offers a complete and robust donated goods retail solution, managing every aspect of Goodwill’s business- donation management, sorting, tagging, selling, customer management, marketing, reporting, eCommerce and more.

One Comprehensive DGR System to Manage your Entire Goodwill Business

DGR & Goodwill Point of Sale

Customizable and intuitive point of sale that can handle heavy sales volume across all stores, with customer-facing tablets to simplify the entry of customer data.
  • Fast point of sale with complete offline capability
  • Mobile DGR POS with contactless payment options
  • Open PLUs for on-the-fly product descriptions
  • Customer look-ups at POS with donation round-ups
  • Curbside pickup application with text message alerts
  • Scale support for weighted purchases at the point of sale
  • Employee-level restrictions with audit trails to minimize loss 

Point of Sale


Customer & Promotion Management

DGR Software

Customer & Promotion Management

Comprehensive customer relationship management with specific functionality built for Goodwill stores.
  • Automated discounts based on account
  • ‘Surprise & Delight’ promotions, such as senior days or military discounts
  • Open PLUs for on-the-fly product descriptions
  • Term sales & coupons based on birthdays or sales
  • Membership clubs with automated enrollment & levels based on sales
  • Short-term campaigns with future rewards
  • Stackable coupons based on $ or % off

In 2020 we made the decision to move forward in identifying a point of sale and barcoding platform for our retail stores. We started by evaluating 9 different vendors, and in the end choose Celerant as the best provider to fit our needs.

Frank Holland, VP Donated Goods



Flexible toolset allowing Goodwill stores to intake and tag donations based on your specific production process.
  • Configurable intake & tagging system
  • Item inspection & categorization-up to 5 levels for departments/categories
  • Color code system with flexible color weeks
  • Touchscreen & mobile tagging & barcode printing
  • Barcodes printed based on category or individual product
  • Item rotation & store/outlet transfers based on color codes, etc.
  • Direct buying to assist producers with new items


Donated Goods Retail POS

Donation Management

Donation Management Software

Donation Management Software

Robust donation management suite to help Goodwill stores more efficiently accept goods from individual donators and organizations.
  • Donor creation & donation item entry with touchscreen &/or mobile device
  • Donation vouchers, coupons & gift cards with no additional fees
  • Donor drive management with bulk voucher import tools
  • Online donation tracking system with itemized & printable donations
  • End-of-day equipment reporting for bin management

Celerant Technology has surfaced as a truly stand out product based on several key measures

Doug Carden, VP Goodwill NCPP

"Celerant Technology has surfaced as a truly stand out product based on several key measures. Probably most important is their ability to engineer solutions for essentially any of Goodwills unique challenges relating to donations and production to complex retail promotions. Equally as important is the scalability of their product which can equip any size agency at any stage of their evolution with any of a range of tools they would require. All of that makes Celerant a highly recommended POS provider from my vantage point."

Reporting & Analytics

Powerful analytics, with sales and production based reports designed for Goodwill businesses, with the option for custom, on-the-fly reporting
  • Reports capable of tracking the full lifecycle of donated goods- from donation to final sale, all within the Goodwill point of sale system
  • Real-time inventory visibility across all stores & outlets
  • Production specific reports based on volume, quality & sell-through
  • Reports by color of the week, department, category, cashier, etc.
  • Reports for used vs. outstanding vouchers/gift cards
  • Integrated analytics for retail, outlet & vintage vogue/boutique stores

Reports & Analytics

DGR Point of Sale

Email Marketing

Goodwill POS

Email Marketing

Multiple options for Goodwill business to better market to their customers, donators and local communities
  • Email marketing w/ Celerant’s internal platform
  • 3rd-party email integration, such as Hubspot
  • Real-time customer & sales data integration
  • Personalized emails based on pre-set triggers
  • Automated ‘Welcome’ emails for new customers
  • ‘Surprise & Delight’ reward emails based on sales level

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Each Goodwill store runs differently, and each of your customers’ needs are changing rapidly too. Chose a software provider who can help you run your business more efficiently, while serving your customers the way they want to shop- in store, curbside or online.

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