Hardware Store Manages Vendors & Corporate Billing with Celerant’s Point of Sale

New Heights Supply, a hardware retailer, has come a long way since starting in 1997. Today, they have grown to be a booming business with 20 brick and mortar stores and an eCommerce website. So how did they become so successful? As the stores grew, owner Ishmael Nunez realized that with this growth, they needed a better solution to manage their billing, vendors, and inventory all in one place.

Stratus Enterprise - Powerful Omnichannel Solution

Expanding to more stores meant that it was important to be able to control the inventory between stores. Nunez decided to go with Celerant because it made it possible for employees to sell merchandise from other stores or move inventory from one location to another when they needed it. Nunez can even go to a trade show and have Celerant’s software on his laptop, and can view how much merchandise he's sold in real time.

"One of the key benefits of Stratus is the vendor integration. I can manage my vendors and bigger suppliers and import their catalogs. The orders are able to be imported on a weekly basis, which saves me at least 10 to 20 hours a week. The greatest thing I like about Celerant is that I can open a store in, literally, a few weeks. I wouldn’t start a new store without Celerant."

Ishmael Nunez, Founder - New Heights Supply

One of the key benefits of Celerant’s Stratus software that Nunez has enjoyed is the ability to import suppliers’ catalogs into their system. This allows him to import the orders on a weekly basis. Not only does this make the process easier, but it also makes his work more efficient. According to Nunez, this saves him between 10 and 20 hours of work a week. 

Having the Right Features 

The transition to Celerant also made it easy for New Heights Supply to jump on the eCommerce bandwagon and sell things on their website. Employees are able to see inventory in real time and everything is linked to the same database. It’s instant critical information and helps employees to know what merchandise is available.

Another feature that Nunez uses on a regular basis is corporate billing, which is crucial to the business. With Stratus, he is able to email the companies their statement and invoices with a signature.  They are then able to go into the online portal and pay their invoices there.

Staying Competitive 

With the business aspect integration that Celerant’s Stratus software has provided, New Heights Supply has been able to grow immensely. Help your business grow and manage this growth by partnering with Celerant and experiencing the benefits for yourself.


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