Learn how Merz Apothecary Sold $7M in Amazon Sales Last Year

“As a retailer you’re always trying to succeed in this crazy changing Amazon dominated world. Our feeling was rather than trying to beat them, we would rather join them, and we would like to diversify, said Anthony Qaiyum Owner of Merz Apothecary. We started on Amazon and what we realized is that we did not have enough communication within our system, so we were having all kinds of inventory and fulfillment problems. The main reason we chose Celerant was to have complete inventory availability and perfect integration across all channels, now we’re able to ship 1,000 orders in a day with no issues”

About Merz Apothecary

Merz Apothecary is a family owned and operated pharmacy, it has been a staple of Chicago’s Northside since 1875. With a large selection of natural health products, personal care items, and hard-to-find favorites from around the world, Merz Apothecary focuses on attaining true health through mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Interview: How Merz integrated with leading marketplaces to increase sales using Celerant

In this interview, Anthony Qaiyum discusses how Merz Apothecary is able to take advantage of several of our marketplace integrations specifically Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Both FBM and FBA help retailer’s fulfill orders either by them receiving the order through Amazon and completing it themselves or having Amazon take on the heavy lifting of the order and picking, shipping and supporting it.

Throughout the interview, Anthony discusses the communications issues that Merz was experiencing prior to switching to Celerant. To solve these communications issues Celerant implemented our all-in-one retail platform, which synchronized Merz’s point of sale, E-Commerce platform, inventory management system and much more. This instant communication allowed Merz’s sales to be automatically reflected across all of their channels (in-store, online, inventory levels). The integrated system allowed Merz to process over 1000 orders a day, which as Anthony states would have been extremely difficult using their old system.

Merz takes advantage of Celerant’s integrated E-Commerce

As an addition to the video Merz also takes advantage of Celerant’s integrated E-Commerce platform. Merz’s integrated E-Commerce platform is mobile friendly, which means customers can purchase products from their phones, tablets, and mobile devices. This is also where Merz manages the products they offer on Amazon and other channels. Merz is able to easily upload product descriptions, pictures, and general information about their products giving customers a taste of what Merz Apothecary has to offer. Merz’s E-Commerce is connected in real-time.

Merz’s story is one of many, watch the video above and get the full story and click here for more stories like his!


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