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Celerant Technology promotes business growth and efficiency through innovation and technology. With Celerant, Retail is Re-Defined.




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3rd Party Integrations


Fulfillment Processing

Celerant’s retail solution offers a comprehensive fulfillment module that manages your orders from purchase through to delivery. Reduce the time it takes to process and fulfill orders, enabling you to maintain rapid turnaround time to your customers. Fulfill orders from all your retail channels including in-store, E-Commerce and third-parties.

Order Fulfillment

Whether you fulfill your retail orders from a central warehouse or your individual stores, off-load your fulfillment to your vendors and/or third parties such as Amazon, or possibly a combination of all three- Celerant offers the tools to more effectively manage and automate the process. By automating these once manual processes and managing all from a single system, your fulfillment time and costs decrease, enabling you to be more competitive through increased efficiency and, in turn, increased sales.

“Without Celerant’s Best Store Fulfillment, it would have been impossible to maintain our 60% growth in online sales, each year, for the past 3 years. We saved our E-Commerce team over 4 hours/day by not manually splitting orders, as well as another hour/day/store, eliminating all the back and forth between locations- and with 17 stores, that is significant! We also eliminated weekend E-Commerce payroll, since our stores have immediate access to their orders.”
- Ryan Kistler, E-commerce Director For Schuylkill Valley Sports
retail store fulfillment processing

Track and manage every task related to in-store and online orders in real-time

Monitor the fulfillment status of each order in real-time

Fulfill online orders quickly, while reducing labor costs and inventory overhead

Streamline fulfillment by setting pick waves to fulfill multiple orders more efficiently

Integrate with top shipping carriers to pack and print labels in one step

Use your distributors to fulfill and drop ship orders directly to your customers

  • Inventory Management

  • Keep track of inventory at multiple levels of hierarchy without the need to enter data multiple times. Gain real-time visibility of inventory across all stores and your warehouse in a single place. Perform cycle counts. Leverage reports (i.e., top sellers, sell-throughs, markdown levels, min/max) to ensure that each store has the stock levels needed to fulfill orders.      Read more

  • Advanced Order Fulfillment

  • Celerant’s comprehensive fulfillment module reduces order processing time, enabling you to maintain rapid turnaround. Integrated shipping tools (UPS, FedEx, USPS) allow you to pack shipments and print labels in one step. High-volume retailers can set up pick waves for multiple orders. Manage in-store and online orders in a single place. Ship from one or multiple locations.

  • Best Store Fulfillment

  • To optimize online order fulfillment, Celerant automatically selects the “best” store to ship from based on your priorities and preferences such as: Location, stock levels, weeks of supply, planned promotions, projected sales, staffing and pickup frequency.  You can allow or prevent partial shipments, and rotate stores to prevent over-utilizing their staff and inventory.  Read more

  • Drop Shipping

  • Sell your vendors’ stock on your website, and allow your vendors to fulfill from their warehouse directly to your customers. Integrate with third-parties, such as Amazon, to sell your merchandise on their site while they fulfill the orders for you. View the order status in real-time, and receive alerts when a customer places an order, when it’s fulfilled, and when payment is received.

  • Warehouse/Distribution

  • Celerant provides retailers with integrated warehouse management tools to streamline receiving, shipping, tracking, allocation and more. Whether managing a warehouse or distribution center, inventory levels and locations are reflected in real-time. Minimize paperwork and downtime in moving merchandise and fulfilling orders.      Read more

  • Open to Buy

  • Celerant offers multiple paths for managing open-to-buy and merchandise planning in an integrated solution. Celerant integrates with ANT USA’s best selling merchandise and assortment planning system and Buyer’s Toolbox™, and RMSA planning services. You can also view open-to-buy availability within Celerant’s Purchase Order module.