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A Retail Commerce Software
with Enterprise Power &
Sophisticated Simplicity

Manage all of your retail channels within one system and on one master database, in real-time. Discover what makes Stratus Enterprise the best POS system and most comprehensive cloud-based retail commerce and management software on the market.

In Store Operations

  • IoT-enabled point of sale
  • Mobile-friendly on any tablet
  • Cloud-based with local redundancy
  • P2PE, Tokenization and EMV
  • Fully-integrated and real-time
  • Customizable point-of-sale
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Custom eCommerce

  • Custom and responsive design
  • Seamless buying experience
  • Shopping cart features
  • Site content management
  • Best-store automated fulfillment
  • Conversion center for cart abandonment
  • Online marketplace integrations
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Online Marketplace Integrations

  • Manual entry eliminated
  • Amazon Fulfillment by Merchant or by Amazon
  • Marketplace orders tracked in one place
  • Channel Advisor integration for multiple marketplace management
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SEO Services

  • eCommerce SEO services
  • Monthly SEO Reports
  • Competitive analysis
  • SEO strategy and implementation
  • Social media marketing support
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Email Marketing Services

  • Personalized email marketing based on sales & customer data
  • Segmented email lists
  • Automated email workflows for upselling, re-engagement, product reviews, etc.
  • Email marketing analytics
  • Conversion center for cart recovery
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CRM and Incentives

  • Memberships and recurring billing
  • Buying clubs and loyalty programs
  • Targeted coupons and promotions
  • In store and online gift cards
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Inventory Management

  • Inventory fulfillment
  • Mobile inventory
  • Forecast and manage products
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Warehouse Management

  • Store supply warehouse
  • Category Management
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Vendor Management

  • Vendor catalog imports
  • Automated purchase orders
  • Live online vendor feeds
  • Drop shipping
  • Supplier EDI
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Order Fulfillment

  • In store pickup and/or returns
  • Omni-channel order management
  • Inventory management
  • Best-store fulfillment
  • Drop shipping
  • Warehouse and distribution
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Resource Management

  • Class scheduling
  • Automatic-billing
  • Membership programs
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Payment Processing

  • Competitive rates
  • Point-to-point encryption
  • Tokenization
  • NFC payments, EMV, Android and Apply Pay
  • OpenEdge and Worldpay
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Rentals and Repairs

  • Rentals and repairs easily managed at POS
  • Work orders can be assigned and prioritized
  • Quotes and/or estimates
  • Deposits or payment in full
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Buy-Trade and Consignment

  • Buy/sell retail reporting
  • Receipts and accounting
  • Fee-free trade cards
  • Payroll and performance evaluation
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Business Intelligence

  • Open-to-buy
  • Predictive analytics
  • Merchandise planning
  • Ad-hoc reports and dashboard
  • Canned and custom reporting
  • Web analytics
  • Data warehouse
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ERP and Accounting

  • Inventory forecasting
  • Accounting and financial data
  • Financial integrations
  • Vendor integration and sales
  • ERP resource allocation
  • Workforce management
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Professional Services

  • Professional installation
  • Individualized training
  • Data conversions
  • Custom development
  • Hosting services
  • Online support programs
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Stratus offers the most comprehensive cloud-based retail commerce software on the market, with local redundancy, providing tier-1 functionality at tier-2 or tier-3 pricing. It combines high-end capabilities with sophisticated simplicity to offer a sleek solution. With a complete suite of industry-specific plug-and-play features, plus the ability to handle timely and cost-effective modifications and custom integrations, Stratus is the smart choice for long-term business growth and efficiency. Through one software provider, retailers can better manage their store, eCommerce, marketplaces, warehouse, digital marketing- and much more- and with one system. Stratus is more than then best POS System for sale – it is so much more!

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