• A Retail Commerce Software With Enterprise Power And Sophisticated Simplicity

    For enterprise retailers, Stratus offers the most comprehensive cloud-based retail commerce software on the market, providing tier-1 functionality at tier-2 or tier-3 pricing. It combines high-end capabilities with sophisticated simplicity to offer owners and consumers a sleek solution. With a complete suite of industry-specific plug-and-play features, plus the ability to handle timely and cost-effective modifications and custom integrations, Stratus is the smart choice for long-term business growth and efficiency.

  • A Single System, Technology Provider And Support Center

    Manage your in store and eCommerce transactions, and inventory and warehouse functions in one place with Stratus. We natively provide a single and seamless source that ensures data integrity across your entire enterprise network. Rather than using disparate systems that are prone to error and data loss, or engaging with multiple support teams that are unaware of the other, choose to make your job easier with one solution that’s built to handle it all.

  • Scalable Retail Commerce Software For Enterprise Businesses

    Stratus is a comprehensive cloud-based retail commerce software designed for enterprise businesses, featuring both in store and eCommerce. Our end-to-end software offers a seamless upgrade path from single-store to enterprise-level solutions, and has helped our clients see a 22% growth in eCommerce sales, year over year. Cloud-based and customizable with specific functionality across industries, Stratus maximizes business growth and efficiency.

  • A Provider That Sets Trends In The Retail-Software World

    When you choose Celerant for retail commerce, you’ll partner with a team that knows their stuff and yours. Founded more than 20 years ago, we know what enterprise businesses need from their in store and eCommerce software. Based in the US with offices coast-to-coast and available when you need us, we offer everything from digital marketing services and online marketplace integrations to simple dashboards, drop shipping and multidimensional inventory matrices, plus business advice about data organization, eCommerce transitions and more.

  • A Cloud-Based POS With Local Redundancy

    Unlike most cloud retail POS software, Stratus lets you operate without interruption should internet connectivity go down. With locally redundant storage, your sales staff can continue accessing all retail POS functions via a local in store server, allowing them to ring up sales and look up customers, inventory, pricing and promotions.

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