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Retail CRM Software

Stratus Enterprise offers complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with loyalty program software so you can easily manage your customers, promotions, rewards, memberships, shopper incentives and more. You can also leverage real-time customer and sales for personalized marketing and building relationships.

Stratus Enterprise’s integrated retail CRM software organizes customer data from all retail channels in a single place. Businesses can access customer and sales data, along with location analytics across your stores, warehouse and customer’s demographics in real-time to better assist customers, identify trends, anticipate their needs, and keep them coming back with targeted promotions and email campaigns. More than a cloud-based POS system, our CRM and loyalty manager software offers retail incentive programs, such as memberships, coupons, gift cards and more, to help increase sales and build brand loyalty in store and online.

Anticipate Customer Needs and Incentivize Them to Act

  • Access real-time customer/sales data and store location analytics via the integrated CRM
  • Implement creative and standard retail incentive programs
  • Expand your customer base with in store and online gift cards
  • Target coupons to customers based on their prior purchases
  • Create BOGO and other promotions to keep customers shopping with you
  • Offer CRM and buying clubs with photo ID cards to increase revenue

Personalize Email
Campaigns and Promotions
with CRM/Sales Data

Campaign Management

Stratus’s integrated CRM software for the retail industry enables effective promotion management to increase customer retention and satisfaction by building genuine relationships. The CRM for retail stores pulls data from all purchases made in store, online and from third parties, letting you segment customers based on past purchases, location, brand preferences and demographics; and send targeted, personalized email marketing campaigns and promotions to these segments.


Use Shopper Data
To Increase
Traffic And Sales

Shopper Tracking

By tracking your shoppers, you can make more informed decisions to enhance the shopping experience, boost traffic to your website and stores, and increase conversions based on robust reports and real data. Stratus Enterprise’s CRM and loyalty solutions for retail allow you to track and measure shopper demographics, brand preferences, buying patterns, customer conversion rates, average purchasing value and the number of items per purchase, where shoppers click on email campaigns, the impact of campaigns, loyalty or membership card usage frequency, web traffic, and more.


Encourage Repeat Business and Loyalty With Retail Incentive Programs

Buying Clubs and Loyalty Programs

Encourage customers to act with retail incentive programs, such as buying clubs, to drive purchases and brand loyalty. Offer multi-level memberships and the convenience of automatic and recurring billing. Retail incentive programs like loyalty programs and rewards can be used for in store and online purchases and are viewable to customers online and by cashiers. Drive success to your business and engage your customers with our robust customer loyalty and CRM software platform.



Create Custom Or
Templated Coupons
For Your Customers

Targeted Coupons and Promotions

Create and manage coupons for your customers within Stratus’s retail CRM and loyalty system. Using data in the CRM, target coupons to engage consumers based on their prior purchases as well as to customers with a gift card balance to help get them back into your store. Personalize promotions based on past purchases and demographics, restrict promotions to certain products, brands or services, require a minimum order total or quantity fir coupons to apply, set limitations to discounts, save time and reduce fraud with serialized coupon codes that can be automatically scanned.


Expand Your Customer
Base With In Store
And Online Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Gift cards and stored-value cards are a strategic way to expand your customer base, remind customers to return and increase your incremental sales. Easy to set up and use, Stratus’ gift card offering is integrated into the retail CRM and is used just like a credit card for in store and online purchases. Sell and redeem gift cards in store and online and let your customers easily create and sync gift registries in real time.


Use CRM Data
To Assist Customers
In Store & Online

Assisted Selling

Track and gain access to valuable CRM analytics about your customers and their buying patterns across your stores, eCommerce and online marketplaces (i.e., Amazon, eBay, Walmart). Leveraging sales history and CRM data, store clerks can assist customers and more effectively upsell products and complimentary products, identify profit opportunities, and improve the overall shopping experience.

You can also assist customers by suggesting products on your Celerant eCommerce website based on items in cart; and via Celerant’s automated email marketing tool based on their purchasing history and/or brand preferences.


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