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Retail ERP Software

Stratus Enterprise offers powerful retail resource planning (ERP) software and financial management tools, including an internal general ledger, accounts payable/receivable, and direct integrations with third-party accounting software all in one platform. The accounting and ERP software leverages big data compiled from all retail channels across your entire network in real-time.

With point of sale integration, our cloud-based accounting and retail ERP software solutions provide real-time visibility of your financials, sales, inventory and big data. Leveraging this data, you can accurately and easily forecast inventory, complete financial statements, manage employee commissions, pay and invoice vendors, and prepare audit reports.

Take Control of Your Finances In Real Time

  • Get real-time visibility into your financials from all channels
  • Integrate your POS and accounting software with your ERP
  • Integrate with major financial and accounting systems (i.e., Sage 100, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Leverage big data from all retail channels
  • Accurately manage your inventory, including vendor inventory
  • Manage employee scheduling, attendance and time sheets, and integrate for employee payroll management

Make Informed
Decisions About
Your Inventory Needs

Inventory forecasting

Make informed decisions about your inventory needs based on product and sales data uncovered by Stratus’s accounting and ERP software for retail businesses to drive your success. Use data such as turnover, promotions, seasonal factors, warehouse space and more to determine when inventory needs to be reordered and ensure optimal inventory control and proactive supply chain management.

Get Access To Live Accounting And Financial Data

Accounting and Financial Data

Integrate your POS system with Stratus’ built-in accounting software for retail businesses to gain access to live financial data capabilities. Data such as cash flow, credit limits and interest, receipts, bank information, taxes, general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, sales audit reports and more will automatically update in your system.

Quickly And Easily
Integrate With Major
Financial Systems

Financial integrations

Seamlessly integrate your financial data with major accounting software, including Sage 100, QuickBooks Desktop and Online, and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Transactions like sales, purchasing and payables produced in your system can be easily prepared and exported in specified formats.

Retail ERP Software

Automatically Record Sales and Vendor Payments

Vendor integration and sales

Remove manual processes by automatically recording the sale or purchase of inventory immediately after the transaction is complete in your Stratus POS and accounting software. Provide up-to-date inventory balance information and reduce the level of physical inventory in your stores. Manage, approve and automate vendor payments based on purchase orders and invoices and integrate with your vendors to make payment and reordering simple and seamless with supply chain management capabilities you’ve never had before.

Take Advantage
Of Real-Time
And Historical Data

ERP resource allocation

Leverage Stratus’s integration of the top POS platform and retail ERP software to get real-time and historical financial data to maximize ROI and make well-informed decisions regarding staffing, inventory levels and more. Use the data in the retail enterprise resource planning software to properly allocate resources to your enterprise.

Manage Your
Staff From A
Centralized Location

Workforce management

Stratus’s powerful combination of ERP, POS and accounting software offers the tools to schedule and manage your staff from a centralized location. Create employee schedules, manage time off (and paid time off), monitor daily punches and track salaries within the POS system. Easily complete payroll and commission and print checks through ADP integration. Using reports, you can optimize the productivity and work schedules of your employees while reducing labor costs.

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