The Importance Of Having POS Software That Can Handle Massive Sales Volume

How Stein’s Garden & Home implemented Stratus Retail to handle their growth

In modern day, corporate owned businesses are forcing smaller retailers to adapt. Take for example Stein’s Home & Garden which has had to make necessary changes in their stores to keep up.

Across their 16 stoThe Importance Of Having POS Software That Can Handle Massive Sales Volumere chain Stein’s Home & Garden has about 120 POS terminals; about three times the amount needed, however, in their peak seasons they were struggling to keep up with the sales volume. That’s when they decided to go with Stratus Retail to help handle the high volume time periods.

“When you have 12 registers working at once in a single location and lines are filling up, you need a system that can handle that stress. I can’t describe how important it is for us to have that ease of handling to get through a transaction during those busy times. That ultimately leads to a pleasant shopping experience for the customer.”
– Bob Young, CEO, Stein’s Home & Garden


– Completing daily sales volume
– Single store modifications to pricing, promotions & coupons
– Limited inventory visibility
– Overstocking of products
– Batch processing for generation of reports


– Real-time in-store & online retail management solution
– Single platform that manages POS, eCommerce & back office
– Cross-channel pricing, promotions, gift cards, inventory and fulfillment


– Seamless completion of sales (over $60 million)
– Single store adjustments to pricing, promotions & coupons
– Complete inventory visibility & control
– Automated purchase orders based on min/max levels
– Advanced real-time reporting

“If a store isn’t selling product as quickly as another location, the Celerant solution provides the flexibility to do individual store pricing, which has high appeal for us. We can pinpoint a single store to make changes at any time as opposed to having to make changes across all the stores at the same time.”
– Bob Young, CEO, Stein’s Home & Garden

For system features currently being utilized or functions yet to be deployed, Young says Celerant accommodates all of Stein’s needs. “Celerant works through any situation with us, and resolves our issues quickly. That is how I define a full-service partner.” Would you like to learn more about Stein’s success in implementing Stratus Retail to meet the demands of high volume sales?


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