Avalara Integration: Tax Compliance and Automate Sales Tax

Avalara Background

Avalara was the very first cloud based sales tax service provider in the United States of America founded in 2004 and we’re really growing as a global tax compliance leader. If you’re a CFO, we’re gonna help you mitigate the business risks associated with your statutory requirement to file collect and remit taxes. We’re also going to allow staff to focus on profitable activities such as collections or sales, versus a passive activity like sales and use tax which carries quite a bit of risk. Generally the main value that we provide is that we could mitigate that risk for the stakeholders and shareholders while freeing up staff to do other tasks. Celerant’s integration with Avalara provides seamless flow of sales tax data both for in-store and eCommerce sales. It’s even much more important these days for eCommerce sales with new tax compliance laws that have gone into effect across the country.

Avalara Tax Compliance

One of the greatest values that we bring to Celerant Technology customers is that we were the first and largest members of the streamline sales tax project started over eight years ago. It’s a grouping of states that join together to make laws uniform and simple and anybody that gets qualified for that program doesn’t have to worry about tax audits, they don’t pay for tax returns filing or any of the tax compliance needs. So today, that relates to Wayfair, remote sellers that were previously smaller looking for relief. All of a sudden they have a national compliance burden that affects their stakeholders and shareholders

Celerant Technology as a Partner

We have a very unique relationship with Celerant Technology. Celerant took Avalara’s code and natively wrote it into your dashboard, so that it’s very simple to go live and keep tax compliant. It’s a great integration, we have lots of clients on it and we have three different versions now so it’ll handle pretty much anything that we can throw at it. Working with Celerant Technology has been fantastic. It’s like a family, just really really great people to work with, we have partnered side by side and have both achieved some amazing growth metrics.

Automate your Retail Sales Tax

Learn how you can automate retail sales tax using Celerant’s retail software integration to Avalara.