Celerant Client Conference 2019 Highlights

Michele Salerno, Director Of Marketing and Assistant VP

Our annual client conference is the most exciting time of the year for us at Celerant. It’s the perfect opportunity for our Celerant team to meet and network with our existing customers. So many of our partners and especially this year as we rebrand. We launched our new website, we’ve modernized our software and we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary serving the retail industry.

Each year, we bring in relevant keynote speakers. We have client panels discussing success stories, and then we have breakout sessions, not just showing the features and integrations of our software, but also sessions on industry best practices.

Rob Goldman, Vice President and CTO

Our clients get a great benefit from seeing all the new features and functionality that we’re making available. And we also get great feedback from them, which helps us to vastly enhance the applications that we provide.

Paul Erickson, Management One

I attend conferences all over North America on a regular basis and I think, really the Celerant conference is special. The breakout sessions are very informative and fantastic. And their keynotes every morning are always really good.

Henry Keiluhn, Ambiance Inc.

One of the reasons we come to the conference every year is to kind of immerse ourselves into the whole program and how people use it. And a lot of times we find other people are doing things that we never thought of and it gives us great ideas that we take back with us.

Kate Torrey, Unique Secure

This is our first year attending the Celerant client conference. We had a great time, we met a ton of great retailers and we can feel the love that Celerant gives for their partnerships as well as their customers.

Jeff Poet, Jay’s Sporting Goods

We’ve been coming since 2008 and every year since and we just find there’s great value in that. Every year that we come, we take back more than what we anticipated. We find new ways of applying technology that already exists in Celerant, so it’s been a great investment for us.

Anna Meyer, SPS Commerce

We get to meet so many of our customers face to face. It’s such a great experience but that we get to see everybody in one place and share stories and successes is absolutely phenomenal.

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