Celerant’s FFL Retail Software and eCommerce Integrates with Zanders

From Fur to Firearms and Ammunition

Zander’s Sporting Goods has been around for over 50 years. It started out as a fur business that eventually ventured into selling firearms and ammunition. It is an all-woman owned company and has turned into one of the leading wholesalers in the industry right now.

Dealers can Pull Zander’s Catalog via Integrations

Through our Zander’s integration, we’re pulling product catalogs and allowing our dealers to populate their database, pull in any product from Zander’s that they want to sell in their store and then we enable automated purchasing by setting our min max/levels within our software.

Through our Zander’s integration, we’re allowing dealers to sell any product on their website that Zander’s carries without actually stocking it in their store. We do that through live vendor feeds where we pull the products, the product image, product description, and we allow the dealer to display it on their website as if it’s their own product, but then the order goes to Zander’s to dropship.

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More Dealers Shop with eCommerce

So right now, I feel like our industry has changed and evolved over the last three years. Right now, Zanders is seeing around 60-70% of our orders come through our website every day, via calling in or coming in to place an order, and we see that.

Our dealers are also wanting to have more of an online presence in the last few years as well.

Selling more Products without Stocking Them

So with them being able to carry our entire line of inventory, whether that’s firearms, camping, archery, it allows them to compete with a lot of the larger stores that maybe they can’t have the space to bring in all of those items.

The relationship with Celerant and Zanders has been unbelievable. The support staff that Celerant has has been great and they always are offering new and better options for our dealers to help their business.

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