Celerant Helps Retailers Embrace Digital Strategy at 2023 Conference

Embracing a Digital Retail Explosion

This year’s client conference, we focused on all things digital.

It’s no secret these past couple of years, there’s been a digital explosion. We had 75% of our attendees who already have our eCommerce, so it’s important to us to host sessions teaching them important strategies like SEO services and personalized email marketing.

All with the number one goal to help them reach their customers better.

Keynote Speaker at the 2023 Client Conference

Bob Negan joined us this year as our keynote and Bob hosted a four-hour retailer boot camp helping our retailers just be better retailers.

Bruce Cromartie, President of BC Surf & Sport

Every time I come here, I walk away with something of enough value to have justified the trip.

We learned something new about the software that we can be doing right now. It’s more than worth the time and money to be here.

Maximizing True Profit Potential

We welcomed back Paul Erickson from Management One and Paul spoke to our retailers about how they can maximize their true profit potential.

We also have Amazon participating to educating our retailers on the new Amazon Today program where our small independently owned retailers can use the Amazon marketplace to gain new local customers for same-day delivery or ‘buy online, pickup in store.’

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Gifford Umscheid, Sr. Enterprise Business Development Manager at Amazon

We’re really excited to be able to engage with retailers in an interpersonal space to really understand what are their needs, what are they trying to accomplish and how Celerant and Amazon can work together to achieve those goals for our common customers.

Tiffany Davis, Owner of Davis Sport Shop

so one of our main reasons for attending the conference is our upgrade to Stratus to learn all the new features that will help upgrade our business and our inventories and our program.

Amanda Simmons, VP of Finance at Evansville Goodwill

The biggest reason that we came was the community learning, to network with other Goodwills.

For us, there are more specific sessions for Goodwills that really are things that we want to do in the future and we felt like we could really learn more about the system than what we currently knew.

Running More Efficiently in Any Vertical

We have a lot of different partners here with us from all different vertical markets and each one really helps our retailers run more efficiently and sell more products.

Josh Rauser, Sr. Sales Director at Sezzle

We are really excited to be invited to the client conference this year. We’ve met a lot of great retailers, a lot of great possible partners. Celerant did a wonderful job putting this on.

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Sean Bergesen, Sales Executive at Avalara

It gives us the opportunity to come out of our offices, meet in person with the Celerant team, with all the retailers, meeting with other partners. It just gives us the opportunity to really learn from one another.

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Growing and Learning with our Partners

This is our 19th client conference, so we’ve been doing this a while and it’s really exciting each year to see how our retailers are growing and evolving their business. We at Celerant have also grown and evolved so much and it’s really fun doing it together with all of our retailers.

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