Celerant Technology: About Our Software

The Latest and Most Advanced Retail Technology

Celerant Technology is the source for retail management. Our vision was to bring the latest and most advanced technology to every retailer, regardless of size or means.

Point of Sale that Manages Your Entire Business

Our real-time, fully integrated point of sale systems have the power to manage your business from store front to back office operations. Celerant’s complete retail management software fully integrates all aspects of your retail operation, increasing efficiency and productivity.

The Benefits of Operating Optimally

Celerant spans a range of benefits. On one side there is control: it helps manage labor and shrink in inventory levels. When operating optimally, these will all lower costs.

Optimization Leads to Growth

On the other side is growth: it can open new retail channels with eCommerce and phone sales as well as an increase in store traffic with promotional and loyalty programs.

Scalable Retail Software for Any Business

Celerant’s scalable retail management solutions are suitable for a multitude of vertical markets: apparel, footwear, hard goods, general merchandise, sporting goods and firearms. Celerant’s customizable retail software manages your business seamlessly.

The Future of Retail is in eCommerce

I think retail is gravitating more in an eCommerce direction and in a phone/mobile direction. I don’t expect the retail store to become extinct, but retailers are going to need to learn how to showcase their products in a store environment and still retain that traffic in some sort of e-platform.

Building loyalty in an increasingly fragmented market is key.

Which Solution is Right for You?

Find our which point of sale solution is best suited for your retail store.