Celerant Technology Corporate Commercial – 60 Second Version

Bringing the Latest Technology to the Retail Space

From the beginning of our existence, we’ve always brought the latest technology to the retail space. The hallmark we brought to the industry was a live POS environment. By doing that, we allow small-to-midsize retailers to have all stores connected, at once, seeing live inventory.

And we’ve been successful at doing that with many of these retailers. We’ve seen them grow from one, two, three stores to 40, 50, 60 stores. All of them leveraging this live technology.

Succeeding as a Retailer in Online Marketplaces

You know, as a retailer, you’re always trying to find “how are we going to succeed in this crazy, always-changing Amazon-dominated world.” Our feeling was rather than trying to beat, to join them. We were looking for a system that was appropriate for a small business like ours, but had the sophistication to handle all the different channels. And that’s pretty hard to find.

Celerant Technology’s Mission

Celerant’s mission is to promote business growth through technology and innovation. And if we can give them efficiencies that cost less, then we’ve fulfilled our mission.

Which Solution is Right for You?

Find our which point of sale solution is best suited for your retail store.