Client Conference 2018: Highlights

Michele Salerno, Director of Marketing and Assistant VP

This is our 14th client conference and this year, we’re at the lovely Westin Resort in Hilton Head, South Carolina. This year’s theme is all about digital, so we’re really helping our clients learn how to do better with their eCommerce sites, email marketing, SEO services and drop shipping. We had a great keynote speaker this year, the “Sales Lion” Marcus Sheridan and he spoke about all things digital and really gave some great tips and tricks to our eCommerce clients to learn how they can get more traffic to their websites and increase sales.

Christopher Stickney, SPS Commerce

Ultimately retail is being disrupted. We partnered with Celerant because they’re a leader in software, especially retail software. We love to get in front of all the seller and customers and talk about SPS commerce and talk about our partnership and how we can automate their processes. We’re trying to build a solution that helps their business get more efficient and to ultimately sell more products.

Tejas Sanghavi, Tootsies

My favorite part of the client conference would be interacting with the, you know, Celerant staff that we talk to on a daily or weekly basis as well as discussing challenges and success stories with businesses that are in the same industry or are launching the same products that we’re launching.

Mitchell Tyler, SafeSide Tactical

This is my second year coming to the conference and it’s both times we’ve had a great time it’s been really educational and also a lot of fun. I’ve already sent out several emails in the last two days to managers saying “hey, we need to be looking at changing our process. Here’s something that someone else is doing successfully.”

Andre Rangel, Celerant Account Representative

As an account representative, I have a lot of interactions with existing clients and being at the conference here means that I’m able to meet with them I’m able to speak with them. A lot of things that we discussed via email and phone conversation can be more powerful in person. I think those types of interactions are important.

Matt Poet, Jay’s Sporting Goods

Jay’s has been with Celerant since 2008, so we’ve been going to a conference every year since then. I had been here for eight years myself. So every year you know you take something different. There’s so many assets to Celerant that we haven’t even seemed to tap into yet, so that really helps us out.

Seeing Current Clients and Meeting New Ones

Each year, it’s just sort of like a reunion and a lot of the same people come every year we have a lot of new clients come and it’s just really a great event.

Joseph Knowlton, Avalara

We love to participate and come here every year. This is my fourth year and one of the reasons that we really enjoy being here is your customers. Your customers are phenomenal. It’s networking as well as if it feels like a family.

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