Expanding Shooting Range and Gun Shop with Celerant

Kirk Anderson, President of Eastern Alaska Arms

My name is Kirk Anderson. I’m with Eastern Nebraska Arms Marksmen and Indoor Range. I am the president of the company. We are a small retail store and indoor range with eleven lanes. Right now, we have a very limited selection of inventory. Our main operation is our range.

Needing a System That Grows with the Business

When we chose to expand, one of our goals was to come up with a program that could handle the size and the scope of our operation as we’re expanding. We wanted one that would not be static, continue to grow and evolve just as we would.

Software that is Easy to Learn and Use

We were able to get right on the POS system, begin to make sales. We are expanding actually next week into the Stratus program, which allows us to handle the range software, which is another thing that we really wanted to make sure that our software program had.

Stratus Offers an All-in-One Solution

Before, everything was manual and now we’re able to scan things in. We’re able to print the tags that we need, the staff finds it easy to operate. From the accounting standpoint, it’s keeping track of everything that I needed to do before it was doing manually. I don’t have to do that now, it brings it all into one spot and I’m able to download that to my accounting software.

Always Evolving and Finding New Uses

That’s the good part about it. We’re always finding out some new things that we can do with it, with the program where the old program really did limit us. It was slow, there’s no way that the old program could keep up with what we do today. It has just allowed us to have a better customer experience when they come in. They’re not waiting.

Improved Customer Service at the Checkout Counter

Things happen immediately when we pull them up and we enter a customer into the system, they’re there, you know they know that there’s somebody there. It has just made it a better experience overall.

Streamline your Firearms Retail Business

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