How To: Personalize Emails Campaigns Based on Past Purchases

Personalized Emails Deliver Better Transaction Rates

Personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates.

What type of email marketer are you? If you’re like the majority of retailers your answer is B. break through the noise by using segmented customer data.

Multiple Marketing Tools in One Platform

Celerant is a multi-channel retail solution in a single platform. Celerant’s marketing tool segments customer and sales data in real time and automates personalized email campaigns based on their buying patterns and preferences.

For example, invite customers to post online reviews for prior purchases, send suggested upsell items, remind shoppers with products in cart, offer targeted coupons and re-engage lost customers.

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Past Purchases Lead to Future Sales

Let’s say your customer purchases a winter jacket today.

A week later, send a thank you email encouraging them to write an online review, perhaps offer a coupon incentive for future purchases. A week later, send another email suggesting the matching gloves and hat. To keep this customer engaged, send an email in the spring suggesting a lightweight jacket for that same designer.

These scenarios, plus many, more can be designed so your marketing efforts bring significant results. If you have your own marketing staff, will provide your team with the tools they need or let Celerant’s digital marketing experts handle everything from conception to delivery, making recommendations based on what works across multiple retail verticals.

Send the Right Message and Increase Site Traffic

Email marketing is by far the most cost effective way to promote your business.

You can significantly increase traffic and sales to your website and stores by sending the right message at the right time.

Streamline your Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn how you can automate processes and increase sales both in store and online using Celerant’s all-in-one retail software.