Celerant Innovating The Way Retailers Do Business Since The Beginning

Celerant Technology Origin

I started Celerant 20 years ago with my brother Rob. Our intention was to bring new technology to the retailer and we’ve continued on that mission. The entire time, our retailers come to us with common struggles from inventory issues to fulfilling orders across multiple channels including eCommerce or just simply older systems that have aged out. Through our software we help solve these problems for our retailers.

We founded a company in 1999, and it was a time when the internet was really starting to take off. We saw this glaring gap in the retail industry. The idea of a live system, it was pretty much unheard of.

Innovative Solutions for Retailers

From the very beginning, we were bringing things to the retail market that weren’t there. We were first in terms of real-time we were first to bring RFID into the stores and we continue to innovate not just for the sake of it but to help our retail partners constantly improve their businesses.

Solutions for Multiple Industries

At Celerant, we really pride ourselves and that we don’t just sell software, we truly partner with our clients but also the industry. We serve a wide range of retail verticals and our clients represent thousands of store locations across the country. Everything from mom-and-pop shops to retail enterprises with hundreds of stores and then everything in between.

In retail today, especially in shoes and you know inventory based businesses you got to be able to leverage your inventory on every platform. We use Celerant to do that omnichannel experience very efficiently. It’s basically the backbone of everything that functions in our company now.

Evolved Omnichannel Software

Even back in 2005 Celerant was providing omnichannel solutions to our clients. Our clients had integrated websites where shoppers could go online, pick up in store, and returned in store. This was 15 years ago, since then we have expanded our eCommerce offering we have evolved with the industry to meet the needs of a modern a retailer.

Gaining an Experienced Technology Partner

At Celerant Technology you’re not just purchasing a point-of-sale or eCommerce system, you’re really gaining a partner that’s gonna help you successfully navigate the ever-changing complex retail landscape. We have over 150 employees, many with almost 20 years of experience with our company and they bring to the table a wealth of knowledge in business retail and Technology.

All in One Retail Solution

From point-of-sale to digital marketing the eCommerce to warehousing we allow a retailer to engage with one vendor. We eliminate the need to piece together disparate systems. This really allows the retailer to focus on their business and not worry so much about their technology. The retail industry is changing drastically we don’t know exactly what the next 20 years will hold. But we do know that we will stick with our core mission of bringing new technology to the retailer and helping them overcome whatever challenges the industry throws at them.

Which Solution is Right for You?

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