Locally Integration: Sell Products On Major Marketplace Websites!

Live Inventory Available for Online or In-Store

Celerant’s integration with Locally sends live inventory data to Locally who then works with the brands to make that inventory available for sale online or for in-store pick up. That allows our retailers to leverage major brands websites for additional sales and in-store pick up.

Keeping Customers Local with Locally

Locally is a company that connects brands and retailers to help serve the customers near you. Instead of having your customer order from an online website or you know maybe look at your website once and never come back. Instead what we do is we want to get that customer in your door and so that they can become a customer for life.

How the Locally Integration Works with Point of Sale Software

So Celerant and Locally working together means that retailer’s inventory can be put on brand websites and so customer have the option not to just order through brand’s eCommerce sites, but they can actually choose to directly pick that item up at a local retailer that’s 5 minutes down the road. So instead the of the customer maybe giving the wrong size, having a bad experience not knowing what accessories to get. They can really take advantage of your expertise through this integration that puts your in-stock availability on brand websites, where the customers are.

Celerant and Locally

The main way that retailers can participate with Locally is sharing their in-stock inventory with nearby customer. Our partnership with Celerant Technology makes that so easy for retailers to do, that they can be live in just a couple of clicks. Working with Celerant Technology has been incredible. They’re incredibly responsive and support and are looking out for their retailers at every turn.

Sell More Retail Products to Local Shoppers

Learn how you can increase retail sales by selling products on brand websites through Celerant’s integration to Locally.