Management One Integration helps you Know How Much Business You’re Doing

Better Merchandise Planning with Integrations

Management One is one of our open-to-buy partners and we have been partnered with them for several years.

We have an integration that really helps our retailers better manage their merchandise planning.

Through our integration, our software pushes the data that Management One needs to pull in order to run their reports to ultimately help our retailers make better buying decisions.

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Business Data at Every Level of Inventory

One of the most beautiful things about our relationship with Celerant that is we have a full integration. In other words what that means is that from the client’s perspective, they really have to do very little.

When you use Celerant and you use Management One, you’re getting the most up-to-date information of exactly how much business you’re doing in every category in each of your stores, what your inventory position is as of that time. What your on-order position is.

We just want our clients to do well. We’re only going to give them the most accurate information in terms of how they can be better.

We have no other agenda.

Accurate Data for More Precise Inventory Forecasting

And from the perspective of Management One, that’s very, very important because we have to provide value every single time we work with them.

Because we’re always on the tightrope, we’re always walking that tightrope with each one of our clients. They can drop at any given period of time, but we have 1200 clients today and we could have next month, zero.

But that never happens because of the value that we give them alongside the value that Celerant gives them and getting us accurate data that we can then project the future.

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Explore Celerant’s integration with Management One and see how it can help your business more accurately predict and plan for inventory needs.