Management One Integration: Forecast Inventory with POS and eCommerce Data

Experts in Retail Technology and Inventory Management

At Celerant, we’re experts in retail technology and inventory management. Management One are experts in merchandise planning. Our partnership with them really allowed us to lean on each other and use our expertise to come together and build a complete solution for our retailers.

Inventory Planning with Management One

At Managemnet One, we help retailers with planning their inventory. Some people call it “open to buy,” we call it “merchandise forecasting.” We’ve been in business for over 33 years, we’ve worked with over one thousand independent retailers and I think that’s important. Our entire client base are family-owned businesses. Half of our client base are single store operations.

Performing is a Requirement

And our track record is that we help them improve their sales, reach their cash flow, rotate their inventory in and out of the stores faster and improve their cut their markdowns and improve profitability. And we have to perform because every one of our clients is working with on a month-to-month basis. They’re not buying anything. They’re not leasing anything. They’re essentially getting results and if we don’t get them results, they don’t pay us.

Celerant and Management One Integration

We have an amazing integration between Celerant and Management One. Completely seamless, completely in real-time. I think the biggest benefit that our integration brings with Celerant is that they can look at the most recent information all the time, completely hands off, completely automated. They don’t really have to do anything, the information is there. We attach a piece of software on the Celerant system and that enables us to gather data on an hourly basis.

Customer Experience as a Top Priority

My experience working with the Celerant team has always been special. They are responsive, not only to everyone at Management One, but also working with their customer base. And I really think that’s the reason why they’ve been in business for over 20 years. They really care not only about their customers, their employees, but the fact is that it’s a family organization and there’s a family atmosphere around.

And that’s why the customer experience, working with Celerant, is what it is today.

Increase Retail Profits with Better Inventory Control

Learn how you can manage your store’s inventory better with Celerant’s point of sale integration to Management One.