Mast General Store: Continued Growth With Real Time POS

Historic Business in the Modern Retail World

My name is David Cliett. I’m with Mast General Store. We’re in northwest North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Our flagship store is in Valle Cruces, North Carolina. It was originally opened in 1883. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s a destination in and of itself.

Old POS and Inventory Management System was Cumbersome

In 2007, we started doing some discovery. We were having a lot of challenges with our previous point sale system and inventory management system in that it wasn’t real time and very limited in its feature set and reporting. Our previous system, we had to do batching every night and it’s pretty cumbersome, so that’s what kind of drove us there start with.

Continued Growth and Thinking Forward

We’ve been with Celerant since 2008 and a lot of the changes we’ve seen since, in that time mostly, just could just continue growth on Celerant’s part. Continued development, continued efforts to stay on top of what’s going on in the retail space and providing solutions to their clients.

Always Evolving for Tomorrow’s Retail Needs

I would recommend Celerant to other retailers specifically because of their being very forward thinking and continuing to evolve their business to help us meet the demands of ours.

Manage your Store with an All-In-One Point of Sale

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