Offer an ‘Endless Aisle’ of Products to Customers with In-Store Kiosks

Converting More Customer In-Store with an ‘Endless Aisle’

Are your customers browsing online while shopping in your store?

When a customer comes into your store, the worst possible outcome is that they leave without making a purchase. But how can you offer in endless aisle without stocking a ton more inventory?

Introducing Celerant’s in-store kiosks.

Easily turn any tablet or traditional workstation into a kiosk via a browser. The Celerant kiosk provides access to over 126,000 brands, 270 departments, and 11,000 types over 3.5 million products, in over 6.2 million UPCs.

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Browsing Products by Important Attributes

Let’s take a look at how easy it is.

First, select a department such as shoes, which will then return a list of all shoes. Then, narrow down your search by selecting your brand such as Adidas, to view all available shoes for that brand.

Next, select one of the products to view the product details, including style, brand, department, structure, description, and current price. Detailed product descriptions are included as well as the product variations, such as all available sizes and colors.

Easy-to-Use Advanced Search Functions

Using the kiosk’s advanced search, you can quickly select from the drop-down of brands and departments.

Or you can do an open search by keyword or UPC. For example, if you are looking for Cloud Foam, which is a type of Adidas shoe, simply enter that term. The kiosk will search the database and return the entire Cloud Foam product line from Adidas.

Simply select the product your customer wants and place the order from that kiosk. It’s that easy.

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Meeting Customer Expectations and Setting Goals

Your customers’ expectations are higher now than ever before.

At Celerant, our goal is to help you meet those needs through our innovative technology.

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Learn how you can offer countless products to your customers with in-store kiosks.