ShipEngine Integration helps Retailers Choose the Best Shipping Carrier

Access to over 40 Carrier Shipping Rates

ShipEngine is a newer integration that we have at Celerant that opens up over 40 carriers to our retailers.

With access to live shipping rates within our software helping they choose the best carrier based on cost and efficiency.

Improving Operational Efficiency for Shipping

So Celerant retailers using ShipEngine would benefit in two ways.

The first would be really around operational efficiency.

What we often find is that large logistics operations, you know they prefer to do things all inside of one platform. So instead of having to jump between, multiple screens, and multiple applications, they want everything to live in one singular location and that’s exactly the benefit you would get from using ShipEngine with Celerant because that allows you to basically have all of your fulfillment processes done inside of your ERP.

Getting the Best Shipping Rates with Carriers

Now the second thing is going to be around our rates.

Oftentimes, especially for people starting out in the eCommerce space, they’re not going to be able to have the kind of volume that would allow them to negotiate a very aggressive rate with certain carriers.

By using ShipEngine, you also will have access to what we call the ‘stamps.com1 balance wallet.’ Which gets you both negotiated rates with a post office as well as very aggressive negotiated rates with the ups.

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Open the door to over 40 carriers and get the best shipping rate for your customer and your business.