Treats Unleashed Operates Multiple Pet Stores Easier with Celerant Technology

Family Business with 20 Years in the Pet Industry

I’m Theresa Miller, owner and founder of Treats Unleashed.

Treats Unleashed was started 20 years ago. Kind of what sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to do the retail side of things along with grooming services and we have an in-store bakery in every store.

Continuous Retail Point of Sale Solution

We started working with Celerant about two years ago. 2019, we decided that we were growing fast enough, we had just added our 16th and 17th stores.

We decided that we needed a more continuous technology solution, something that would allow us to really manage our customer relationships in a better way. So that was probably our number one point when we were looking for point of sale systems.

We had to have something that would take our customers and allow them to shop however they wanted to and Celerant has really given us the tools to be able to do that.

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Holistic Customer Data

Compared with systems we’ve used in the past, Celerant gives us a very holistic look at our customers.

We can take a look and see who the customer is, how many pets they have, what their purchases look like in store, online, we can use that information then to send out custom emails.

We have so much more data now to run our business and that data is all in one location, so we can look at it in so many different ways.

One POS System that Handles Many Tasks

There were several selling points for us: both the ease of use and training for our teams of the Stratus point of sale, the ability to integrate our website, and have all of that be in one system, which is not something that we had before, as well as we were able to use some third-party products, like ASTRO in the pet industry and Stratus had an API for that.

And then the email system as well, so everything about our customer is in one location. One of the big benefits we found to Celerant is being able to share our business priorities and our business strategy.

Kind of how technology can work around those strategies, like a mobile shopping app, like autoship.

POS Software Vendor that Understands your Business

When we decided to go ahead and move forward with that project, I found that they’re very easy to talk with and they understand some of our business challenges and can help us and offer ways to make those challenges opportunities.

But having everything together and one good relationship with a vendor partner makes life so much easier.

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