Treats Unleashed Personalizes their Email Marketing Strategy with Celerant

Exploring New Methods to Contact Customers

As a part of our marketing strategy internally, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to talk to our customers.

So one of the selling points for us with Celerant was the digital marketing email tool.

We’ve been using a third-party email tool for years. We always had to upload our lists or do things in a much more general way.

Automating Email List Creation and Uploads

One of the things I really liked about the digital marketing platform was that we can actually talk to certain customers and do that automatically.

If you’ve joined our membership club, we can email you tomorrow with an offer to come back and join us or just a thank you for joining our club.

If you’re buying a certain brand and that brand is on sale, we can easily without shooting out giant blasts to every customer who might not be using that brand, we can really target those customers.

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Personalized Email Marketing with Purpose

With this program, we’ve actually see our email unsubscribes go way down, so that’s been a big point to us.

I think people are finding that the content that we’re sending them is actually important to them, it comes to them because of something that they’ve been shopping for in the store or something they’ve expressed interest in.

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Better Email Open Rates means More Conversions

But really probably the biggest success is that we can see immediate results when we send out an email about a particular sale that we’re doing or an event we’ve got going on this weekend.

Those open rates go up and that we see the sales coming from those.

Streamline your Email Marketing Strategy

Learn how you can send emails with automated triggers and increase sales both in-store and online using Celerant’s all-in-one retail software.