Welcome to Celerant! Meet our Team!

Ian Goldman, President and CEO

Welcome to Celerant, I’m Ian.

I want to thank you for choosing us as your software provider. We take pride in our innovative technology and providing the tools that help our clients run their business more effectively. We look forward to partnering with you and helping to improve the way you do business.

Rob Goldman, Chief Technology Officer

We’ve served the industry for twenty years, and with thousands of retail stores across the country using our software, across so many verticals, we know retail inside and out. Our team is experienced, dedicated, and highly trained. We are eager to get started on your commerce needs, both in store and online.

Tandy Trujillo, Implementation Department Manager

As you’re watching this video, we are already discussing your account and planning your project internally. Your salesperson will be meeting with our implementation team to bring us up to date and discuss your project. Soon, you’ll receive an email for me describing what you can expect next, and then your assigned project manager will be calling shortly after to jump in and get started on your project.

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Nicholas Cascone, Technical Support Manager

Our support team is staffed from coast to coast and ready to assist you as soon as your store or website goes live. We understand how important timely issue resolution is to you and your staff. That’s why we have trained technicians and offices across four states: New York, Georgia, Texas, and California. We are committed to your success and look forward to working with you.

Natasha Chater, Client Services Manager

We want to understand your business, provide solutions for your pain points, and be there for you no matter what your need. My team works with our clients all day for that sole purpose. Even if it’s just to check in and say hello, we make it a point to be in contact with you on an ongoing basis.

Michele Salerno, Director of Marketing and Asst. VP

Our marketing team works hard to continuously communicate our clients making you aware of new partnerships, new integrations, and new releases of our software. To help you get started, we’ll be sending you a login to your client site which is full of training resources, all with the goal to help you succeed and make sure you have access to everything we make available.

Ray Hyman, Director of Operations

We want to welcome you to Celerant. We’re excited to have your retail business using our software and our team will be supporting you every step of the way. We look forward to working with you, getting your project live, and partnering long term for your continued success.

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