What’s Happening to QuickBooks Point of Sale and Options for Retailers

QuickBooks POS End of Life

Let’s talk about a recent announcement made by Intuit that QuickBooks point of sale has reached end of life.

But what does that mean? Well if you’re a new user to QuickBooks point of sale, that ship has sailed.

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Can Retailers Purchase New Licenses?

As of this past February, Intuit is no longer selling new point of sale licenses.

If you’re an existing customer of QuickBooks point of sale, nothing is going to change until October. But come October 3rd, 2023, there’s a lot of changes coming your way.

What Changes for Existing QuickBooks POS Users?

The software is being discontinued. That means no more tech support, no more software updates, no more security patches, and you won’t be able to purchase additional software licenses for your business.

Perhaps even more important than that: all connected services are being disconnected. That means no more QuickBooks Payment Processing, no more integrated gift cards, even the eCommerce integration through Webgility.

It’s all being disconnected.

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Can Retailers Continue to use QuickBooks POS?

Now you can continue to use QuickBooks point of sale for as long as you like, but if any of those things I discussed are important to your business, you may want to consider your transition now.

At Celerant, we offer a complete retail software solution, both point of sale and eCommerce.

New POS System Options for QuickBooks Users

We have an integration to QuickBooks accounting, so you don’t have to change your accounting software. We can integrate it right into your new Celerant software.

We can even convert your data. We’ll pull your customers and your products right out a quick Focus point of sale and import it into your new Celerant software as well.

And we’ll even give you your first month free.

Explore New POS System Options for Retail Businesses

Learn how you can automate processes and increase sales both in store and online using Celerant’s all-in-one retail software.