SPS Commerce Integration: Automate Purchase Orders and Fulfillment!

SPS Commerce Background

So what does SPS Commerce do? We work with retailer stores on automating purchase orders from their supply chain by driving adoption through their vendor communities to automate procure to pay gathering of item attributes and analyzing point of sale data to find new opportunities based on product trends of the sell through.

Automate Vendor Fulfillment

With the help of SPS Commerce, our clients have access to tens of thousands of vendors to expand their buying options. Our integration with SPS Commerce helps to remove a lot of the paper and even emails from the process and the interaction of our clients with their vendors. So much of that flows electronically through the system and adds a great deal of efficiency to the process. The greatest benefit that SPS Commerce and Celerant Technology bring our customers is complete automation of their entire supply chain. Not only do we have an integration to automate the purchase orders confirmation shipment notifications, invoices, analyzing point of sale data, getting item attribute information but we also have such a great relationship with all of the Celerant Technology vendors. We will go out and onboard these vendors to trade electronically on behalf of the retailer. So it’s not just a technology sale, it’s really a people process sale as well.

Celerant Technology Partnership

So my experience working with the Celerant Technology team is they are fantastic people, everybody is so down to earth and accessible and welcoming and warm and just genuine people wanting to help improve the businesses of their customers, so it’s been a fantastic partnership.

Streamline your Store’s Purchase Orders

Learn how you can automate replenishment with your vendors through Celerant’s retail software integration to SPS Commerce.