“Sporting goods is extremely competitive; we use technology to give us an advantage to help us win. We’ve had a great partnership with Celerant. They help us understand our data, and that allows us to make better and faster decisions. Celerant’s solution is extremely flexible; they are the “central nervous system” of our company.”

Craig Carlock, Co-Owner, Omega Sports

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Omega Sports is a local sporting goods retailer with 14 locations in North Carolina. Since 2016, they have used Celerant to manage their entire business, including a warehouse and distribution center. More recently, they integrated with Celerant’s eCommerce solution. The main reasons why Omega Sports chose Celerant is its ability to manage all retail channels in a single software, and provide real-time data to help them understand and improve their business.


  • Use real-time inventory data to make better and faster buying decisions
  • Reorder inventory for all stores using automatic purchase orders
  • Collect customer data in store and online to better understand customers and target market
  • Send relevant promotions based on purchasing behavior and demographics to drive up sales
  • Manage their stores and website as one through a tightly-integrated system
  • Use real-time data to track and fulfill online orders faster, and with fewer errors
  • Offer and accept loyalty rewards for both in store and online purchases

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Omega Sports eCommerce

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