Learn how footwear retailer expanded to 5 stores with Celerant’s retail software. In 2016, Benjamin Lovell Shoes switched their retail software to Celerant. They are now better managing inventory and growing sales across their stores and on Amazon. They went from one warehouse to five stores.

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“In today’s retail, you got to be able to leverage your inventory on every platform. We use Celerant to do that omni-channel experience very efficiently. It’s the backbone of everything that functions in our company now.”

Jared Rueda, Director of eCommerce, Benjamin Lovell Shoes


  • Provides a seamless omnichannel experience
  • Integrates warehousing w/ their retail business
  • Manages inventory across 5 stores & Amazon
  • Keeps data organized via a few custom reports
  • Increased sales across entire business
  • Expanded from 1 warehouse to 5 stores

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