Learn how hardware retailer successfully manages 20 stores & eCommerce with Celerant. New Heights Supply is a hardware retailer with 20 stores. They switched from their previous point of sale to better control inventory. They can now sell from any store; move inventory between stores as needed; import products from supplier catalogs; manage corporate billing; and allow online invoice payments. Celerant also powers their eCommerce site, integrating all channels in a single database, so they can grow further than they have before.

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“One of the key benefits of Stratus is the vendor integration. I can manage my vendors and bigger suppliers and import their catalogs. The orders are able to be imported on a weekly basis, which saves me at least 10 to 20 hours a week. The greatest thing I like about Celerant is that I can open a store in, literally, a few weeks. I wouldn’t start a new store without Celerant.”

Ishmael Nunez, Founder, New Heights Supply


  • Sell inventory from any store
  • Move inventory between stores as needed
  • Forecast & make better buying decisions
  • Manage vendors & big suppliers
  • Import products from supplier catalogs
  • Manage corporate billing
  • Allow online invoice payments
  • Manage 20 stores & eCommerce in one database

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