Learn how Trinkets Boutique improved inventory, sales and customer service by switching to Cumulus Retail

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Trinkets Boutique is a family-owned business with 4 store locations, providing trendy clothing to women of all sizes. They switched to Cumulus Retail to have a more modern POS system that allows them to see inventory and sales data in each store in real-time. With Cumulus Retail, Trinkets can now:

  • Provide a faster checkout experience at the point of sale
  • Locate and manage vendors much easier
  • Choose which merchandise they want to carry in store
  • Run reports to quickly see their best sellers, slow movers, etc.
  • Reorder inventory when quantities are low
  • Make each store aware when a unique inventory item is sold
  • Print tags for all their merchandise
  • Get new products on the sales floor faster
  • Spend less time on the computer, and more time with customers

“We chose Cumulus Retail because we wanted a platform that was going to keep up with us. I need to know how much inventory each store has right away, versus having to wait a few hours or days. With Cumulus, I can see everyone’s inventory and sales, it’s real-time and I’m able to get them the inventory they need.”

– Trinkets Boutique

Top 10 Reasons to switch to Cumulus Retail

1) Web-based: Use a tablet to manage your business and ring sales anywhere (sales floor, trunk shows, sidewalk sale, trade shows).

2) Real-time: Updates to products, pricing and promotions are entered once and reflected in your store(s) in real-time; Cumulus eCommerce is fully integrated too.

3) Customizable POS Screen: Create your own short-cut icons to make it easier and faster to help customers.

4) Always-on POS: Ensure you can ring up sales, and access all point of sale functionality, if internet connectivity goes down.

5) Promotions: Leverage a robust coupon feature to offer discounts, promotions and BOGO’s with flexibility to add your own rules.

6) Customer Loyalty: Incentivize customers with a flexible, built-in customer loyalty program, offer special loyalty pricing and offer customers gift cards, for both in store and online.

7) Mobile Inventory: Scan physical inventory easily with mobile devices, and easily upload data into Cumulus Retail.

8) eCommerce: Quickly display products online with our fully-integrated and modern Cumulus eCommerce solution, or interface with your existing Shopify or WooCommerce site.

9) Online Marketplaces: Sell on Amazon, eBay and/or Walmart. With Amazon, you can choose ‘Fulfillment by Merchant’ and/or ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’.

10) Hardware: Integrate with a wide-variety of cutting-edge tablets, cash draws, receipt printers, EMV devices and more (many customers were able to migrate to Cumulus using their existing hardware).

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